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Here is always complain by the employer’s that there is not sufficient resources to satisfy the needs of job market. Shortage of manpower varies from skills to skills. The recruitment landscape has now change to such an extent that it’s just has to match the role requirement between the two parties. Especially in case of senior level position the recruitment level works in this manner. Moreover contractual job is in more demand in employer’s market it is beneficial for them. But on the part of employee’s market these jobs are not considered reliable, but people are compelled to apply for such jobs.

Demand for specialized individuals

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Here is a great demand for subject specialist in job market as these employees are required to fill the vacancies at functional side. Employers in order to get quality work are suggested to introduce work-life balance. More relaxing environment means more quality work can be delivered by the employees. Recruitment Agencies in Pakistan in this regard try to provide full time staff to accommodate their client’s company.

Employee retention

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We have seen a great shift in outsourcing the business process in order to maintain a flexible workforce. Many companies are looking for a learner headcount, in so many cases they have to outsource some of their business process that also includes human resources practices as so many companies hire Executive Recruitment Agency.To increase the productivity is one of the greatest trends every company is following. But so many initiatives need to be taken in this read to increase the quality of the production.


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With the arrival of new technologies and social media tools, the recruitment backdrop has experienced immense modifications. What‘s more interesting is that these ever changing technology trends are favorable for both recruiters and jobseekers. Recruitment and recruiting are the two edges of the same thread. Now people can easily be informed about the pros and cons of recruitment, that how recruiting is done by following a process. People can know be informed by using different channels like video interviewing, employee referral technology and ‘resume’s that provides quick intro of the individuals. The four easy steps I am sharing with you in this blog not only important for candidates but important for recruiters as well.

Repetition in job requirements:

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Recruitment is getting complicated due to the extraordinary skills required by company clients. This makes recruiting process difficult and it takes double time. This redundancy in job requirement makes headhunting strenuous at both ends. To make hiring process more quick and fast, it’s time to integrate social media channels to make the hiring process more rapid. Moreover Executive Recruitment Agencies should have to devise their recruiting and social strategy to achieve the required results.

Find out some new job portals:

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For Employment Agencies it is advisable to post the job on some good job portals, to get the potential candidates. Here are so many app that imports job opening from different job portals of your interest. These apps can download companies’ Application tracking system into a directory that can easily be accessed by the users. Jobseekers can easily share such info to all social media channels with their friends or can also email them.

Follow the wind:

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If I say follow the wind I mean follow the trend that has occupied the job market. Gone are the days when newspaper was the only source of information. This is the era of social media when information is coming from all the ways to you. Recruitment agencies are using this social plug-ins for posting the jobs, thus expanding the community and in direct contact with employees. Here is a good chance for recruiters to hunt top talent from twitter by posting tweet of 140 characters. The best platform to filter the candidates and to find out new lead is twitter. You can get the best out of it if you know how smartly you have to use social media channels.

Go viral:

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Being an 925 IT Recruitment Agency Once you have shortlisted the candidates you can arrange a video interview of the candidates so that you can observe the body language and can read the gestures of them how much they are confident and enthusiast to join client company. Many companies now prefer to set up video interview of the candidates at initial stage. Here are some platforms that can offer the services of reliable digital video set up. The best thing to use this tactic is that it is very time saving. Well, it can help you out but you can’t get an idea about an interview on a video call, here is a need to meet people in person. So don’t depend too much on interviewing distant people by using video call.So by following these four easy steps you can boost up your recruiting agency.Certainly this is the way to grab the talent.