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Making right hires is one of the world’s most crucial and critical job in the world. By ‘right’ means ‘the right’. Picture a right CSR you hire, you would get all your customers happy and satisfied. Your bottom line would improve dramatically. And now picture that you hire a bad CSR and all your customers go bonkers at your services. You see the difference. Now picture that you hire an efficient manager and all your work station will be thrilled with creativity, productivity and dependability. Now picture that you hire a BS manager and all your business would crash and explode from within. Don’t blame him, you hired that shit and you have to bear it now. Point is, every new hire is a reflection of our business’ current standings. Good hire means go forward and bad hire means go backwards.

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Since we are an IT Recruitment Agency, we work with all types of companies and recruit their resources against all levels of jobs in Lahore. It’s surprising how increasingly and unknowingly poor selections are continuously being made. You know, one of our client’s newly hired managers did not manage to show up at executive meeting just because his dog ate their car keys and they could not find any auto vehicles to drop them at office. Hell of an excuse but again, don’t complain. You hired that shit and you have to bear it now.

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It was a hell of carelessness, and perhaps we can afford it as well in a month or so. What about performance which is to be delivered every second, every day and every week in work life. People even slip through the hiring carpet, not because they are smart but because you were quite easy to play with. Had they been smart enough, they would not be any performance issues going around later. Now again, don’t complain…. (You know what I mean) Everybody makes mistakes, but some peoples’ mistakes consequently hurt more and longer. We recruitment agencies in Pakistan are one of those people who are least expected to make mistakes. And this is why I suggest we better work responsibly or quit the chair. Help both ways and hurts least times.Here are some things that our recruiters should always keep in mind while making hiring’s.

Executive Recruitment Agencies

Costs in Hiring

  • Cost of advertising the position
  • Time involved in going through 100s of applications
  • Time involved interviewing
  • Cost of training
  • Cost of benefits

Cost of Making a Bad Hiring Choice

  • Repeating hiring cost so soon
  • Cost of vacancy in lost productivity
  • Learning curve productivity loss


  • Use a script, use script, use script. It gives you control over the interview and better chance to listen and understand the responses
  • Focus on behavior communication, ask situational questions to understand that candidate’s personality and know what makes them cool. Example: When was the last time you played a mess at work? How did you manage to resolve it? What was the result?