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If you have not heard already about the new and exciting recruitment trends then you will get to know now. By getting info about these recruiting trends you will have the idea how you can target the audience that you requires. Employment market is always fluctuating, so sometimes we can see scarcity of the resources and sometimes there are plenty of resources in job market. Recruitment agencies have to see both, employers’ market and employees’ market as well. Their job is to align and match the job requirement between the employer and employee. So these agencies work as an intermediary between the both parties. So here are the six recruitment trends that every recruitment company needs to be followed.

1. The rising demand of contractual jobs

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Here is always complain by the employer’s that there is not sufficient resources to satisfy the needs of job market. Shortage of manpower varies from skills to skills. The recruitment landscape has now change to such an extent that it’s just has to match the role requirement between the two parties. Especially in case of senior level position the recruitment level works in this manner. Moreover contractual job is in more demand in employer’s market it is beneficial for them. But on the part of employee’s market these jobs are not considered reliable, but people are compelled to apply for such jobs.

2. Demand for specialized individuals

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Here is a great demand for subject specialist in job market as these employees are required to fill the vacancies at functional side. These technological and functional specialists are the need of employer’s, the driving force of any industry. Employers are very keen to hire these subject specialist experts; their hiring is done on a greater scale. These experts have the tendency to shift the economy of the country upward by implementing new ways and methods in the industry sector.

3. Flexibility in work schedule

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Employers in order to get quality work are suggested to introduce work-life balance. More relaxing environment means more quality work can be delivered by the employees. Recruitment Agencies in Pakistan in this regard try to provide full time staff to accommodate their client’s company.

4. Employee retention

Following the new trends, employers know the value of the resources so they try their best to retain the resource. They know how much there is scarcity of resources, so it is better for them to keep the resources. Majority of the employer’s are focusing on employee retention. In this regard companies are providing opportunities to their employees to work and flourish by offering them to attend different professional training sessions to adopt and implement the new approaches to their companies. In this way employers are developing talent retention strategy to retain long term employment.

5. Enhancement of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).

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We have seen a great shift in outsourcing the business process in order to maintain a flexible workforce. Many companies are looking for a learner headcount, in so many cases they have to outsource some of their business process that also includes human resources practices as so many companies hire Executive Recruitment Agency.

6. Emphasis on quality work:

To increase the productivity is one of the greatest trends every company is following. But so many initiatives need to be taken in this read to increase the quality of the production.